Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Make your own peanut butter for only 17p

I'm trying to go 'off dairy' at the moment, not because of any allergies, I'm very lucky with my health, I can eat anything - I'm not going Vegan either, although I am vegeterian, it's because I believe Dairy products are not all that good for us and I'm always looking for ways to include/eliminate good or bad elements in my diet.

I don't eat a lot of bread, so butter/spreads don't figure all that high on my shopping list, so for that reason I decided to start with a butter substitute.  The obvious is nut butter, and the obvious nut butter to start with is good old peanut butter.

So not wanting to pay too much for the ingredients because I am a cheapskate frugal lady, I bought a packet off salted roasted nuts from Asda for only 17p.  I don't mind a little salt to improve the flavour because I use hardly any at all in my other cooking, I use herbs and spices instead.

You can pay more of course if you've got more money than sense - but why ?

There's only one step and one ingredient (the peanuts), a stick blender with it's own small tub is ideal for this, because you want to do it in small quantities.  Just pour the nuts into the tub, connect up and away you go.

Just keep whizzing, you'll come to a stage in a very short time when it looks like nothing is happening, you can stop and scrape the nut mix down if you like, but it will soon get going again when the oil starts to be extracted from the nuts.

In no time at all you will have this -
lovely crunchy peanut butter, of course if you want it more creamy just blend it more.

I keep mine in a small plastic box in the fridge.

Verdict:  D - LISH - US !!  this is a success, and only 17p   I will try using other nuts now.


  1. we do this with almonds, the results are always amazing!

    1. I want to try it with other nuts now this has worked with peanuts. I have some almonds, I'll try that son.

  2. Replies
    1. It is, and even more so 'cos it's cheap !

  3. Wow thank-you for sharing that. Have cut meat out of my diet completely ( decided 1 week ago now ) and this will make a great treat with good protein too. Would welcome any hints and tips for veggie newbie -Tam

    1. Yes nuts are a great way to get protein into your diet if you are cutting out meat. I'll be posting on alternatives to cows milk soon, I've been trying out one or two, also alternatives to yoghurt.

  4. hi wean almond and cashew butter are good too. i have days where we dont have meat and i usually head for some raw veggies and use the nut spread as a dip. almond milk is delish too. i buy large bags of akmonds whenn they are on offer from our local indian shop. hope u r keeping well pattypan x

  5. That's pretty awesome. I love peanut butter!



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