Monday, 1 February 2016

Fancy your chances at winning cash on a TV quiz show ? - it's not as easy as you think ...

We're always being told 'come and have a go if you think you're clever enough' - The Chase, and most all other money-winning programmes send out a similar message of how easy it is to 'get on the box', this is so misleading.

I know when 'Millionaire' was popular, you had to answer questions over the phone before you even got a look at the criteria to appear.

A friend of mine recently applied to appear on 'Tipping Point' and she had to jump through hoops and have to wait several months before being told she 'wasn't needed'.

First was the application, then a trip to London which involved an overnight stay at her own expense.  She had to be at the studios at 3.30 am !! with a load of other hopefuls, she also had to take a change of clothes.

Then there was a general intelligence test, followed by photographs and a 'piece to camera' made up 'on the hoof', not easy if you haven't been informed and had chance to prepare anything.  More camera tests before heading home being told 'we'll be in touch'.

Over three months later she was told, via text, that she wouldn't be appearing.

I think it really is a case of 'if your face fits' and I honestly don't know how some of the muppets that appear on these shows get through, but I guess that's part of the criteria, you have to be a bit of an oddball I think to make the presenter look good.

Anyone out there appeared on a quiz show ?


  1. It's shocking that she had to fund her own overnight stay and then go through all that just to be told 'no thanks'. You think they would just ask for a photograph if they are so into appearances, and then if you past the 'beauty stage' then at least pay for a B&B while you do the auditions.

    Nope I've never been on a tv quiz show .... my son applied for The Chase, but never heard a thing ... and he's good looking AND clever, so I doubt I would even stand a chance!!

  2. It's show business and not for the faint of heart.

  3. I don't have any desire to be on a game show. Ha ha. And especially now!



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