Sunday, 7 February 2016

Asda's great 'Wonky Vegetable Box' and bargain cat food from Morrisons

Top marks to Asda for introducing their 'Wonky Vegetable boxes'

This is a new idea and a great one.  The veggies that are on offer are considered not 'perfect' and therefore will not be considered by the brand-name snobs and others who think that only perfectly shaped fruit and vegetables are worth eating !  well thank goodness for that I say, that means the rest of us with common sense can take advantage of these fantastic boxes. 

 The contents are not guaranteed, you take what is on offer, but they will include fruits as well as veggies in season, the weight is approx 5 kg and Asda say will feed a family of four for a week, well I could make it last a month by making stews, soups and other dishes and freezing them.

 I went to my local Asda last night to see if I could get one, I should have gone earlier, but I had only just found out about them online, and was told they sold out within 20 minutes !  I am going again this morning and hope to grab one.  I hope Asda will see that this is a little gem of an offer and order more - it seems to be a win-win-win situation, the growers can sell their 'less than perfect' produce instead of disposing of it, Asda will of course make a profit on them. and we as buyers will also benefit - full marks Asda !!

Now attention all cat lovers - a great bargain from Morrisons.

Two of my elderly cats (who are on borrowed time, sadly) have to be fed carefully.  They are both on meds and I have difficulty in getting them to take their tablets sometimes.  I buy Senior Gourmet Gold cat food for them because not only is it a 'mushy' type of food (pate) but it means I can crush up their pills and mix them into it.   Most older cats have lost a tooth or two, and sometimes have no teeth at all, so this is the answer for 'gummy moggies'.

 The full price for this food is £4.97 - ouch ! (or thereabouts).  I found it in Sainsburys and Tesco for £4 and thought that was a good deal.  Then I found it in B&M for £3.87 - great, a saving of £1.10 per box - not to be sneezed at, but now it is in Morrisons on offer at £3.47 - great. a massive saving of £1.50 per box !  They have the senior variety that I use, and the more chunky 'double delicacies'.

As with all offers, I have no idea how long it will last, but I have stocked up while I can.  Incidentally, they do the small trays of pate type food at Morrisons too, I buy these for my other two younger cats who love them, but I've been getting them from Tesco and Asda and 25p each or 10 for £2.00 which is pretty good, but at Morrisons they are doing the same thing at 12 for £2.00 so that means two for free !

Hope this helps the cat lovers out there.


  1. Wonky box is a great idea. I'll look out for it. x

  2. Seems like this box is a great idea. As for me I try to eat only self grown vegetables.



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