Saturday, 27 April 2013

Update on Carrotcat ........


Carrotcat had a checkup last night, those who have been following his story will know he is now on his last days.  11 months ago, the vet said '12 months'.

Saint Steven (vet) said he isn't in any pain, and as long he is continuing to do 'normal' things i.e. eat, sleep, eat, purr, eat, cuddles, eat, drink, eat, use the litter tray and eat, the time hasn't come yet.
So I came home feeling that both Carrotcat and I have had something of a reprieve.  Steven says no need to think about it for a 'few weeks'.
Obviously with his condition, with all this eating, he's not putting on any weight, but I can honestly say he's eating better than me at the moment, he's getting the best money can buy !  I'll make do with toast !
When the time does come, Steven will come to the house so Carrotcat will be at home with me.
I'm going now 'cos just the thought of saying goodbye to him tears my heart out, let alone do anything about it.
take care peeps ............


  1. I know how hard this is for you. I have been thee myself.

  2. Yes it's the hardest thing ever isn't it ? I don't know if it's better to have known for a long time like this or not, it seems I'm always hurting !Thank you for your comment.
    Wannabe Sybils Witterings has just gone through it too.

  3. Wean, so sorry to hear. Had to do exactly the same with my beloved dog. We also had the vet to the house and she is buried in my garden. She is still with me but not suffering. When the day comes, be sure to know you have given your dear cat a wonderful life.

  4. Sending you hugs by the lorry load. It is so hard. On one hand it rips into you like you are always walking through thorns. On the other hand Carrotcat will just feel like he is winding down a bit. If he is not in pain or distress then it will not be scary for him. He will be fine because you are there. Hugs hugs hugs WS xxx

  5. Thank you Patricia and WS - Carrotcat is 19 now, and has a heart murmer, that's the reason the vet and I decided not to go ahead with an operation , if he had survived it would have been too traumatic and his last days would have been uncomfortable and painful. I think the only way I'm coping is by thinking most cats don't live to his great age anyway, so perhaps the condition hasn't shortened his life, it's just a natural ending. Still hurts like hell though !
    It's good to 'talk' to people who understand, have been there and bought the tee-shirt - thanks again.

  6. My vet told me that the oldest cat he had managed, as a vet and all, was 16. You've done something right just for Carrotcat to get there. He won't be feeling apprehension, though. Cats live in the present. He is safe now, he is warm now, he is fed now and he is with someone he loves. He is feeling okay. And dear heaven it is tough. Lots of hugs! WS xxx



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