Thursday, 19 April 2012

Stormy Weather


Are you all having thunder storms and torrential rain ?  my back lawn is flooded and the garage floor has about 2" water covering it !  good job everything is up on pallets.

I do love the sound of the rain and hail, I go in the conservatory to listen to it, I tried to get some pics of a heavy storm, but don't think I captured it really.

You can see the edge of the 'cattery' at the side of the conservatory here, no cats in residence though.

Everything is looking so much fresher if not a little soggy !  you can almost hear the earth saying 'thank you'.  I hope this will help to dispel the expected drought.
It's getting dark again, another cloudburst about to hit.  I'm going to feed the moggies then feet up time.

take care peeps ...........


  1. It's the wettest drought ever! We had a LOT of hail this afternoon - at least it's doing the garden good!

  2. We've had rain since Monday but being in the North West I suppose we can't expect anything else. The lawns are lush and the plants and veggies are growing well with it x x

  3. your plants are always green and glossy, mine struggle here, i try to remember to water them a bit at a time, but mostly they suffer a drout then a flood...



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