Thursday, 5 April 2012

A Happy Mistake

Greetings Peeps ..........

Hey - I have a follower !  deep joy !
welcome Bernard to my World, thank you for taking the time to comment, at least now I don't feel so lonely.

Well I made a whoopsie yesterday which turned out good ........ read on

I managed to 'bag' two lots of ready prepared veggies at bargain prices of course (I don't buy much without a yellow sticker on or that I can buy in bulk to save money)

Into the slow cooker with them along with stock cubes dissolved in boiling water, herbs and seasoning

Then I made the dumplings, I thought I'd show off a little, so decided to stuff them with a small cube of cheese (extra protein for a veggie) and feeling pretty smug I deposited them in said slow cooker.

About half way through cooking I realised I had made the dumplings using only flour and water !  duh .. (another senior moment)  - 'too late now' I thought, I'll leave them and see what happens, I can always chuck 'em away if they cook like rocks.
Anyway, serving up time arrives, and wonder of wonders - the dumplings are well cooked, have retained their softness and taste great !  thus proving you can make dumplings with only flour and water - could be a useful thing to know if you want a low fat version ?

I don't have a picture of the finished result, I was too busy eating it
Anyway, this will last me ages, some last night, a portion tonight, and 4 more portions for the beast in the garage (chest freezer)

Anyway, this lot will last me ages,


  1. If you carry on with these interesting blogs you'll soon have quite a few followers. :)
    Quite a coincidence here. Sainsburys and Slow-cookers.
    Every Thursday I make a SC full of soup, from, if I'm lucky - yellow sticker'd veg from Sainsburys. Yesterday I came home with half price leeks, so todays soup is Leek & Potato. If I'm unlucky, I make Pea (& Ham), using dried peas (and bacon).

  2. Thank you for the nice comment - I have some leeks doing nothing in the fridge at the moment, methinks I will make some leek and potato soup.

  3. What was your recipe for those dumplings? Do you think the cheese in the dumplings helped since you forgot to add fat in the dumplings?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I'm making a right pigs ear of this, sorry Linda didn't meant to delete my reply to you - my fingers are working faster than my brain.
    to repeat: I made a thick dough with just flour and water, seasonings etc., made an indention in for the cheese cube, closed them up and into the pot.
    Good point about the cheese helping with the cooking process, the cheese was still in a cube shape when I cut the dumplings open though. I suppose the only way to find out if it was a happy mistake is to do it again sometime.



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