Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Cats and Vets Bills


I love my feline family dearly - that goes without saying.  They mean the world to me.  Here are Lucy and Sopi.  Lucy on the left and Sopi on the right.

I have always had a particular love for black and white cats, and I had two some time ago, beloved Sooty who reached the ripe old age of 20, and precious Pixie who managed just over 18.  When Sopi turned up I named him by taking the first two letters of Sooty and Pixie and came up with 'Sopi'  - it's got nothing to do with washing powder or soapsuds as people sometimes think, although he does sometimes get called 'suds' !

I do struggle though with the vets bills.  Yesterday I took Sopi - the black and white one pictured above, for his monthly injection plus a months pills for him and his sister - Lady Leah the First -  I will write about these two soon, anyway the bill was £102.00.  -  ouch !

I've had, much much higher bills than that in the past, I always manage to find the money from somewhere and will continue to do so.  My vet and his staff are nothing short of saints in my eyes and deserve every penny.  At least three of my six wouldn't be here if it wasn't for their care and attention.

I do wish though, that I had taken out pet insurance all those years ago when my lot were kittens.  The bills always come at a difficult time too, like today when the energy bill plopped through the letter box - we won't mention that yet !  

I have sometimes known animals having to be put down because their owners say they cannot afford their treatment, I find this heartbreaking.  I am living on a pension now but would sell everything that wasn't nailed down to make sure my cats get the very best treatment.  -  (I'm hoping for a good week on Ebay now!)
So how do you manage with your pets bills ?  are they insured ?  do you think it is a good investment ?
I would be interested to know

take care peeps ............


  1. We had a lovely pooch many years ago named Gemma who had a heart condition and although we had insurance it didn't cover her daily tablets. It cost us a small fortune.

  2. Hmm - so is insurance worth it do you think ? my two eldest cats are on permanent heart tablets as well as other things.
    My vet is very good in that he gives me a 10% discount because I am such a good client ! I think I should have my own parking space !

  3. With evil cat, she was insured for years. Then she hit sixteen the premiums rocketed. We looked at the smallest premium after comparing all the sites, realised that a lot of her problems would be classed as pre-existant if we changed from the current absolutely extortionate policy, and that a lot of the treatments would only be covered for a short time. Boosters were not covered, routine stuff was not covered and there was always a hefty excess to bring the policy monthly payment into the realm of the possible.

    I thought about our creaky old girl. As you know, she can't have bloods taken, as it is too traumatic, she fights too hard, and she would have to be sedated which isn't safe for her. She couldn't have treatment for an awful lot of things, it would be cruel to put her through them. So we didn't keep her insured. The vet visits every three months for a routine check up and even with the call out fee and evil cat's pain killing meds, we are still paying less than if we paid the monthly insurance fee plus excess and stuff not covered.

    Given evil cat's temperament, frailty and age, I would not put her through an extensive course of treatment, it would be torture for the poor cat. If she was a different temperament then perhaps it would be worth getting insurance.

    Sorry for the essay. I do think it is one of those things where you have to do all the sums and look at the small print. I would happily shell out for evil cat to have heart tablets (not sure about giving them) but I wouldn't IN HER CASE for chemotherapy or dialysis, not with her fighting spirit and poor health.

    btw you may be able to get your furry friends' tablets online from a reputable UK site - there are some on quidco which I found when we were trying to keep evil cat going on a medicated diet. You may need a prescription, so add in the cost of that to the sums. And good vets are worth their weight in gold - ours is lovely, I always buy her chocolates for after her battle with evil cat. I hope this long waffle helps. WS x

  4. Don't apologise for an 'essay' ! I thank you for taking the time to write.
    I agree with you, the keyword when getting insurance seems to be 'pre-existant' and to be honest, not many OAC's don't have something wrong do they ? I think you are doing a great job with Evil Cat by the way.
    I had a dearly loved cat up until quite recently called Ninja, he had a lump that turned out to be cancerous, but the vet advised not to go ahead with an operation because of a pre-existant heart condition and there was a very good chance of Ninja not coming out of it, also the post operative care would be very traumatic for him, so I had to make the hardest decision of just making him as comfortable as I could until his quality of life deteriorated enough to make that 'final' decison. How I hate it. Even now I sometimes think - what if ?
    Thanks for the tip about getting meds cheaper, I will definately look into that one.
    Better go now, memories are coming back and making me tearful

  5. Our poor old cat has inflammatory bowel disease costs us a fortune in medication and special diet,but because we adopted her from a neighbour who threw her out, we cannot get insurance for her as she is too old.But we love her and will do the best for her.



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